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The effect of positive or negative emotions is so powerful, it changes lives. It is widely documented that a person’s emotional health influences medical outcomes and can lead to depression or happiness.

Research shows that one function of the human brain is to produce substances that effect emotional and physical health. One such substance is endorphins /en·dor·phins/ (en-dor´fins) which play a vital role in the body’s ability to heal itself. These studies shows that laughter can reduce stress, decrease pain, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system because laughter increased endorphins which increase immune function and make you more resistant to disease.

Do you ever wonder why you feel better after a good laugh, a long run, having sex or any strenuous workout? It’s because of the endorphins released in your body which gives an elated feeling that sometimes last up to 14 hours depending on the individual.


As a healthcare provider and educator, I have taught that “endorphin is one of a group of opiate-like peptides produced naturally by the body in the brain at neural synapses. At various points in the central nervous system pathways they modulate the transmission of pain perceptions”. The term endorphin was derived at by combining the words endogenous and morphine”. Endorphins produces a morphine effect raise the pain threshold, produce sedation and euphoria. This effect can be blocked by naloxone which is a narcotic antagonist medication.

Endorphins may also regulate the release of growth hormones from the pituitary gland and are released when you, for example, cut you finger or burn your hand. Initially you feel severe pain but it soon disappeared due to the release of endorphins that kills the pain.


I see sickness all around. Most of it could be prevented with more attention to health habits, thoughts, emotions, nutrition and actions. How do you respond to stress in your life? Any prolonged strenuous exercises such as swimming, walking, bike riding, cross-country skiing, tennis, having sex will raise endorphin levels; “the happy juice”. UV light increase endorphins but even with the risk of getting skin cancer, people still sun bathe. People will continue to be out in the sun because it leads to that “euphoric feeling” and people like feeling good. Laughter is good medicine for the soul, raises endorphins levels. Keep laughing!

CONCLUSION: It’s time to start taking big steps towards creating that balanced life you want. Just as endorphins increased your happiness and outlook on life, positive attitude and thoughts increased your mental health. Set big financial goals, start a successful home based business so you can make the money needed for a healthy financial future. Eat healthy foods with the right portions to prevent weight gain and obesity. Exercise frequently to reduce stress, increase circulation, maintain desirable body weight and have a believe system – prayer works! Remember your mind or body is a terrible thing to waste.

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